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Blue Gloves Commercial Cleaning Calculator

With information, you can have a general idea of how much the cleaning service can cost and you can evaluate to make a better decision.

Price ranges are based on programs that clean a space three times a week.

use the table below to see the ranges of some popular services offered by commercial cleaning companies.

A cleaning service can cost anywhere from $ 200- $ 400 per month for small spaces that require light cleaning and maintenance up to $ 2,000 + per month for large spaces that must meet daily cleaning needs. These ranges really depend on the specific cleaning services provided, the type, size and location of the space served, the time of day, and the frequency of the services. Cleaning services can be offered as a continuous job or one-time cleaning and can be set by the hour or as a generally determined package after a visit to an establishment.

Other factors that can affect prices, especially if the services are provided only once, may include:

• The number of team members needed to clean up space.

• The time it takes to complete the job.

• The total number of rooms served in space.

• The total number of windows present

• The special tools and skills needed to get the job done.

If the rooms include bathrooms and kitchens or kitchens, the type and number of those rooms will also affect the cost of maintaining them. Offices with cubicles will take more effort and time to clean than those without cubicles. A busy space will require more cleaning than a space of the same size that is not frequented or occupied by as many people. If people are moving into an active space to be cleaned, it also requires greater skill and different cleaning techniques to get the job done without disrupting operations or traffic. Unique spaces like schools also have special considerations, often requiring deep cleaning and safer green cleaning methods for students and faculty.

Special tools or skills come into play when space has more rigorous cleaning needs and standards to follow, such as a lab or cleanroom environment, or has areas that are particularly difficult to clean, such as a manufacturing plant. that contains areas that are difficult to clean. -Reach surfaces or an active floor with high traffic filled with workers that cannot be interrupted by a cleaning crew. Using advanced tools like electrostatic spray technology can also affect your overall costs.

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